Services / Document Warehousing

Scope of Work

Triumph Marine Services offers document warehousing, archiving and management services in a very cost effective and assured quality manner

Document Management Process (End to End)

  • Pick up of documents by Triumph Marine
  • Sorting out documents
  • Inventory and Indexing
  • Digitization of Documents
  • Bar Coding
  • Colour coding and easy stacking of documents
  • Systematic Warehousing
  • Pick-up and delivery of documents on demand

Additional Facilities and Security Measures

  • Security and access control -Triumph Marine Services maintains the documents in a warehouse which has 24x7
  • Security and strict access control procedures to ensure that valuable documents are safe at all times
  • Security Guards and Guard Tour Monitoring System - A procedure has been established for security guards to conduct the rounds. A guard tour monitoring system is in place to ensure that the actual rounds are taken and not just a paperwork exercise
  • Fire Detection System - An advanced system is in place to ensure fire control measures.
  • Fire Extinguishing System - The basic fire extinguishing system ensures that all the areas are well covered. The trained staff to handle the equipments with regular drills provides the assurance that these valuable documents are in totally safe hands.
  • De-humidifier System - This system keeps these documents in dry and controlled atmosphere for years
  • Anti-Flooding Measures - Strict Anti-Flooding, procedures, checklists, routine inspections by our professionals, along with stand-by and back up arrangements avoids any last minute surprises due to water clogging, leakage and flooding during monsoons
  • Pest Control - Regular pest control procedures and arrangements are in place so that documents are stored in an absolutely safe environment.