Services / Digitization

Statement of Need:

  • Cumbersome process of storage and manual retrieval
  • Storage is bulky and heavy while space is at a premium
  • Special efforts to maintain and protect the paper document archives
  • Difficult to transfer and share common documents across locations
  • With multiple copies existing across locations, it is complex to take care of any changes
  • Higher cost of maintenance, replenishment, revision and transfer
  • Spoilage due to sea weather, fire or other events
  • Difficult to locate a missing/misplaced document

Features of Digitization of Drawings and Manuals:

  • Compact storage and archiving
  • Less manual effort for storage and retrieval
  • Computerized indexing and search facility
  • Easy sharing and transfer of documents across offices
  • Collaborative working and co-ordination possible
  • Easy change management
  • Low cost maintenance, replenishment and revision
  • Improving training ability of new employees
  • Centralized remote repository of documents takes away the problem of paper spoilage
  • Cost effective option to paper documents
  • Wise investment
  • Better and faster service across the organization