Harshad Kanetkar

Capt. Ajay Badamikar, during his 25 Years of Sea Career, could readily identify with the PAIN and Distress factors which would hamper the smooth running of operations of a Ship Owner and Ship Manager.

Soon after he came on shore, he set up a business which would provide ready solutions which would facilitate the smoother conduct of operations thus allowing the Ship Managers to focus on the Core Functions.

The complement of products and services provided by Triumph Marine Services has been readily welcomed by the Customers who continue to repose a lot of faith in the quality or products and service supplied by it.

With judicious blend of in-house and outsourcing of jobs backed by high standards of quality assurance, logistics follow up and committed delivery to the End User, there is sizeable spare capacity to add more customers and expand the business to support Ship Managers worldwide

Capt. Ajay Badamikar


  • Customer is the single focal point of all our business processes. We aim to become the preferred choice of our customers and their first point of contact for all their new requirements and in the range of products & services we deal in.


  • Provide reliable quality products that consistently fulfil customers' requirements;

  • Proactively anticipate customer's needs & requirements and source products & technologies that can be converted to beneficial deliverables;

  • Introduce new products that are safe to use and environmental friendly and at the same time enhanced service life that would be appreciated as value for money;

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and earn their loyalty through operating our business in customer centric manner and strive to exceed their expectations;

  • Value & strengthen the association with suppliers & customers and build a mutually beneficial & lasting relationship;

  • Maintain highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with all the stakeholders our customers, employees, suppliers, wider community and all other professional associates;

Company Policy

  • We are committed to enhance our customer satisfaction and their loyalty by providing quality products & reliable services at competitive prices with the least lead time.

    This we aim to achieve through:

  • Complying with all legislations & regulations applicable to our business;

  • Continuously improving our processes, systems, infrastructure, competency, capabilities & suppliers to deliver contracted requirements;

  • Building a lasting relationship with our suppliers to assure quality, optimise cost & deliveries;

  • Closely working with our customers to identify their needs at the earliest opportunity for economic procurement;

  • Proactively anticipating customer's needs & requirements and sourcing products & technologies that can be converted to beneficial deliverables;

  • Proactively identifying risks at early stage that could harm our existence, sustenance, security and initiate systematic solutions to mitigate and overcome those challenges to maintain business continuity;

  • Keeping abreast with the market trends and introducing new materials & solutions in advance to delight the customer by fulfilling their needs;

  • Promoting a culture of ownership & accountability towards our customers, employees & suppliers for delivering faultless products & services;

  • Encouraging active involvement of all personnel including employees & suppliers in improving customer satisfaction & loyalty.